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June 4 and 5 (Sat/Sun)

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Andrew homzy


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Andrew Homzy

Musician, Arranger, Jazz Scholar and Grammy Nominee

Andrew, was a key figure on the Montreal jazz scene for more than 40 years. His 16-piece Jazz Orchestra played regularly at the Montreal Jazz Festival and was featured on many Radio-Canada broadcasts. Since 2009, He has lived in Nanaimo, where he produced many jazz and classical concerts. In 2015, he founded the Nanaimo International Jazz Festival Association - a Non-Profit, Charitable Corporation.

Luanne Homzy - Visit Site

Internationally acclaimed American/French-Canadian violinist Luanne Homzy is highly sought-after for her technical facility, sensitive musicality and expansive versatility. Based in Los Angeles, she works as a studio musician, an arranger/composer, and is the leader of the California String Quartet.

Aline Homzy - Visit Site

Aline Homzy is an award-winning violinist and composer. Originally from Montreal, born to a Québécois mom and an American dad with Eastern-European roots, Aline’s original music reflects her culturally-diverse background.